Pablo Bereciartua

Pablo Bereciartua is President of the Argentinean Engineering Center (CAI) and Chair of Global Water Partnership (GWP). He is a former Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water of Argentina (2018-2019), Undersecretary of Water Resources (2015-2019), president of the Water planning agency (2015-2019) and Director of Infrastructure of the City of Buenos Aires (2007-2009). He is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires and at the University of San Andres and a former Dean at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology. He serves in several international organizations such as member of the Board at the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030WRG), member of the Board at the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) and member of the Advisory Board at Climate KIC, member of the Steering Commettee at International Symposium on Next Generation Infrastructures (ISNGI). He has been a Fullbirght fellow, an Eishenhower Fellow and a Yale World Fellow. He has received several honors including the prizes Ing. Antonio Marin (2009) and Ing. Enrique Butty (2017) from the National Academy of Engineering of Argentina. He holds Engineering degrees from the National University of La Plata in Argentina and graduate degrees from IHE Delft in The Netherlands, Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, University of California at Berkeley and Yale University in USA.