Tom Soo

Tom Soo Water Policy Group

Tom Soo is an executive and consultant in water resources management. He brings over 20 years of international experience in leadership, institutional development, providing technical and management expertise as well as programme coordination. He has been Executive Director of IWRA and the World Water Council and also has a background in consulting to international institutions, public authorities, academia, as well as private industry. Tom’s current focus areas include institutional arrangements, strengthening the link between knowledge generation and policy making; water quality; building networks between private industry, research and government stakeholders; as well as strategy and technical consulting in the sector of water and natural resources. Over the years, Tom has participated in numerous international committees and task forces.  He holds a research masters degree in geography; and also has a degree in computer systems engineering (electrical).  He currently heads up the International Association of
Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research; is a Steering Committee member of the Global Water Partnership, and chairs the International Advisory Committee of the UNSW Global Water Institute and the Membership Committee of the IWRA.