A boost for water policy

Water Policy Group members are pleased to announce that Mr Ravi Narayanan of India has joined the Group as its tenth member.

On behalf of Water Policy Group, Mr Tony Slatyer said Mr Narayanan would bring a wealth of experience in water policy, programs and initiatives at the national and international level.

“As former Chief Executive of WaterAid UK, and with his other influential roles in India and in global forums, Mr Narayanan’s knowledge and understanding will allow Water Policy Group to better support global and national efforts to achieve universal access to safe water and sanitation for all people,” Mr Slatyer said.

Mr Narayanan’s membership comes at an important time, as global water experts, including Water Policy Group, stress the necessity of basic water and sanitation services for COVID-19 safety and for  achieving most other social and economic development goals.

Mr Narayanan’s other current roles include being Chair of the Asia Pacific Water Forum and Chair of the Water Integrity Network.

On his new membership, Mr Narayanan says, “I am delighted to join such an eminent group and look forward to learning from my new colleagues and contributing with them to better water policy outcomes. I believe strongly in mission of the Group and the opportunities to improve water and sanitation outcomes globally through good policy at all levels.”

Other members of Water Policy Group are Ms Anne Castle, Ms Mercedes Castro, Dr Jane Doolan, Ms Felicia Marcus, Mr Dhesigen Naidoo, Dr Oyun Sanjaasuren, Mr Tony Slatyer, Mr Tom Soo and Dr Olcay Ünver.

Water Policy Group
15 June 2020 

Enquiries: info@waterpolicygroup.com

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