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Anne Castle on the Colorado River: Can the basin find an equitable solution in sharing the river’s waters?

Water Policy Group member Anne Castle – former assistant secretary of the Interior for Water and Science and a Colorado River veteran – comments in this story by the Water Education Foundation.

She says that in order to avoid a river war, “there is a need for speed in reaching some sort of agreement to share the reduced flows of the river.”

Read the full story here.

Anne Castle on what the Biden administration might mean for water

Water Policy Group member Anne Castle recently took part in a roundtable discussion on what the Biden administration might mean for water.

The discussion, which occurred on Circle of Blue’s ‘Speaking of Water’ podcast, featured Castle and two other U.S. water experts: Heather Cooley, Director of Research at the Pacific Institute; and Eric Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Environmental Integrity Project and former lead of the EPA Office of Civil Enforcement.

When asked about changes the Biden administration could make that would have significant leverage for water policy, Castle said that she hopes to see increased emphasis on long term impacts through actions such as considering the effects of climate change, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and rethinking Trump administration policies that emphasise short term energy development.

“If we take long term impacts into account on environment, water and equity, I think that shifts the mindset to look at how various individual projects and proposals are going to impact our entire economy and population over the long term.”

Listen to the 30-minute podcast here.