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Key findings from latest National Water Leaders Survey

Water Policy Group has released key findings from its latest ‘Listening to National Water Leaders’ survey, as a contribution to the UN 2023 Water Conference (22-24 March 2023).

The results provide insights from water leaders about how the United Nations and other international processes can help achieve water outcomes at the country level.

Water leaders from 92 countries across all regions participated in this project. Together, these countries make up a combined population of 5.7 billion—or 73% of the world’s population. The findings are now available for all UN member States and other entities to use as they prepare for the UN 2023 Water Conference.

Water Policy Group
14 March 2023

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Policy scaffolding for water management issues

Water Policy Group proposes a new approach to help policy-makers solve the most sensitive water management issues.

The idea of global ‘scaffolding’ for water policy is to assist governments to work through difficult water management decisions using global principles and guidance agreed through an inclusive inter-government and multi-stakeholder process.

Water Policy Group offers the concept for consideration by the United Nations 2023 Water Conference (New York 22-24 March 2023).

Water Policy Group
14 March 2023

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